Albany, N.Y. — Five Hannaford Supermarkets locations in the Capital District are making it possible for electric vehicle owners to charge up their cars quickly when they go shopping.

A partnership between Hannaford, Nissan and the EVgo Fast Charging network on Friday formally opened these New York stations for public use, as well as five locations in Maine. The five New York locations are Guilderland, Troy, Voorheesville, Albany and Wynantskill.

“These stations provide a backbone of fast-charge stations in the Capital District that not only offer a convenient service to customers and other local residents, but also support the growth of zero-emission vehicle use in this region,” said George Parmenter, Hannaford Manager of Sustainability.  “Customers can recharge and do their grocery shopping in the same trip.”

Nissan has been working to add charging stations nationally through its No Charge to Charge program that provides two years of complimentary fast charging with the purchase or lease of a new Nissan LEAF.

“Grocery retailers are an excellent fit for public fast charging as it allows EV drivers to easily incorporate charging into their day-to-day driving routines,” said Brian Maragno, director, Nissan EV Sales and Marketing. “We look forward to continuing our successful partnership with Hannaford to make more fast charging available to EV drivers in the Northeast.”

The new stations are the most sophisticated charging stations in the area, because they use three phase DC power and offer access to any vehicle with a fast charger port using either connector standard (CHAdeMO or SAE Combo Connector). Hannaford’s DC Fast Chargers provide drivers a charging experience similar to re-filling at gas stations, allowing vehicles to significantly recharge their batteries within 20 minutes, conveniently enhancing vehicle range around town or for longer trips.

“We are excited to partner with Hannaford Supermarkets to expand our national network throughout the northeast,” says EVgo Vice President, Terry O’Day. “We are passionate about providing both high quality and convenient charging locations to our customers. The new fast chargers provide drivers with easy access to charge their electric vehicle while they shop, promoting the ease of ownership and convenience of the EV lifestyle.”

The initiative comes at a time of growing interest in electric vehicles and the expansion of charging station networks nationally and in the Albany area.

“Hannaford should be praised for its leadership in embracing sustainability and enhancing consumer experience when it comes to driving electric,” said Barry Woods, Director of Electric Mobility NE. “By hosting these charging stations, Hannaford visibly reinforces the reality that these vehicles are available now and provide superior driving experience.”

Hannaford now has 15 charging stations in Maine, Vermont and New York. The five Maine locations opened as part of the Nissan, EVgo partnership are located in Portland (Forest Avenue), South Portland (Maine Mall), Topsham, York and Augusta (Whitten Road.)

The charger is available to all people with electric vehicles, and users can pay for the electricity with their EVgo account fob, or a credit or debit card right at the charger.

About Hannaford Supermarkets

Hannaford Supermarkets, based in Scarborough, Maine, operates 179 stores in the Northeast. Stores are located in Maine, New York, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont. Hannaford employs more than 27,000 associates. Additional information can be found at


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