Community Relations

It’s time to get to know your neighbors.

Nurturing a positive relationship with the community can be a crucial building block for any business. We recognize that being a good neighbor and corporate citizen is a great way to contribute to the community while making a good impression, furthering business opportunities, and creating a wealth of media opportunities.

ELA knows how to lay the groundwork that will foster goodwill between an organization and its audiences. We help our clients become engaged with the local community through multifaceted community relations programs designed to spur public and consumer interaction, support your image as a community leader – and even deliver press coverage along the way.

Let us connect you to our network of high profile arts, environmental, sports, health and wellness, and family and children’s community non-profit organizations. Once you meet the right partner, we will work with both parties to develop a comprehensive program to highlight just how much your company does to support its community.

Our community relations capabilities include:

  • Comprehensive networking
  • Community engagement
  • Conception and development of cause marketing campaigns
  • Strategic sponsorship development
  • Corporate fundraisers and initiatives
  • Grassroots outreach

Bottom line: All business is local. Let’s organize the block party.

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