Social Media

That after-hours networking mixer isn’t the only place to meet and greet these days.

Virtual handshakes are occurring in handheld devices all over the world. It’s no secret that social media is changing the landscape of public relations and marketing, bringing a grassroots campaign approach to traditional PR.

The right social media mix is important for your business. Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn and dozens of others offer innovative ways for your company and brand to converse with current and potential customers, business associates and the media.

Social media is ever-developing. New applications emerge, existing applications evolve and different social media trends arise every day.  User-generated content is now key in marketing strategy, as new apps such as Snapchat aggregate content to promote specific events and geographic areas. Furthermore, social media has never been more real-time, since applications like Periscope and Meerkat allow users to broadcast live video.

At ELA, we can help you determine just which online platforms will put your business front and center. We will prepare you for the worldwide mixer with custom tailoring and then help keep everyone talking.

In the current social media landscape, paid advertising is a critical component to reach your audience. Facebook, for example, recently revised its algorithm to limit the organic reach for many brands. Hence, most companies and businesses now must be prepared to bolster their online presence by developing a budget. ELA can provide sound strategic advice to guide clients through the brave (and often bewildering) new world of paid social media strategies.

Our social media services include:

  • Social media strategies, goals and objectives that seamlessly integrate with your overall brand and marketing plan
  • Analysis and benchmarking of your existing online presence
  • Development of social media tools, including utilizing Facebook ads
  • Identification and engagement of key audiences
  • Compelling social media post and blog content to stimulate interest and conversation
  • Social identity management, including ‘listening’ to external conversations around your brand and scaling up your online presence to showcase your brand’s voice and personality
  • Ideas, suggestions and methods to improve your social media presence
  • Developing internal online networking polices unique to your company to protect your online presence, including employee training as needed
  • Social media advertising campaigns that will allow your company to reach more people in your target market than ever before

Bottom line: Don’t be a wallflower. Once you try it, we think you’ll “like” it.

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