Fundraising for Non-Profit Partners through Social Media

A successful partnership between a business and a non-profit organization is one which includes mutual benefits. Through cross-promotion, both parties can spread each other’s message and allow both to reap the rewards. As Northeastern Fine Jewelry and the American Diabetes Association proved recently, social media presents a great opportunity to bolster awareness quickly and efficiently.

Northeastern Fine Jewelry is a generous sponsor and a tremendous supporter of the Saratoga Springs Tour de Cure, an annual bicycling event aimed at raising money for the American Diabetes Association. The Saratoga Springs Tour de Cure is currently ranked as the #2 Tour de Cure nationwide and is the #1 fundraising event in the Capital Region in terms of event net revenue. This year, Northeastern Fine Jewelry aims to raise $50,000 for the American Diabetes Association – a significant portion of the event’s $1.5 million fundraising goal. As part of the company‘s fundraising efforts, Northeastern Fine Jewelry created a beautiful Tour de Cure bangle bracelet to sell in its Albany and Schenectady locations. All proceeds from the sales of the bracelets benefit the American Diabetes Association.


As a member of the Tour de Cure Planning Committee, I was excited for the chance to promote the Tour de Cure through Northeastern Fine Jewelry social media. Seen from the tremendous results of past campaigns, asking Facebook users to “share” a post on their Facebook timelines is extremely effective in generating organic reach – the number of people who saw the information on a news feed, share or page post rather than a paid ad. As an incentive for users to share information about the Tour de Cure bracelet, we rewarded one lucky user with a free bracelet.

It was no surprise that hundreds of Facebook users helped promote the Northeastern Fine Jewelry Tour de Cure bracelet. By the conclusion of the campaign, 251 users shared the original Northeastern Fine Jewelry post on their timelines. Largely because of these 251 users, we were able to generate an organic reach of 10,288. This means that over ten thousand Facebook users saw the Northeastern Fine Jewelry Tour de Cure post!

Many will benefit from the explosive reach – all those who rely on American Diabetes Association services, those who are now educated about the Tour de Cure and will spread the word, all clients who will proudly sport a stylish Tour de Cure bracelet, and Northeastern Fine Jewelry for establishing itself as a well-rounded philanthropic company.

Since the Tour de Cure bracelet campaign went live, Northeastern Fine Jewelry has sold dozens of Tour de Cure bracelets. So many interested people have become aware of the bracelet that inventory has sold out twice.  Northeastern Fine Jewelry expects to sell many more before the Saratoga Springs Tour de Cure, scheduled to take place on Sunday, June 1.

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